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Scientific research projects

Chiesi Foundation Onlus supports scientific research projects, in the fields of pulmonology and neonatology, in order to better understand the patients’ needs and improve their management, through the study of physio-pathological mechanisms, of phenotypes and in depth analysis of psychological aspects of patients care.



In the area of pulmonology and chronic respiratory diseases management, Chiesi Foundation defined the following 3-years objective: enlarge the knowledge in the medical community and in healthcare providers on the interaction between environmental and socio-economic factors and the whole respiratory tract and to foster the communication of scientific messages to the medical community and the general population.


Supported projects:


2016 - 2018
“Validation of Particle in Exhaled Air (Pex) as a Novel Matrix for Non Invasive Detection of Small Airways Disease in Asthma” - University of Leicester - Salman SIDDIQUI

In the area of prenatal and neonatal care, Chiesi Foundation identified the following objective: to improve the knowledge of factors affecting neonatal disease progression and to identify strategies to prevent or minimise long-term consequences, thus ensuring better quality of life for those neonates and their families.


 Supported projects:
2016 - 2018
“Improving prediction of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia by Exhaled Breath Analysis in Preterm Infants” - Emma Children’s Hospital/Academic Medical Center Amsterdam - Wes ONLAND

Finally, the Chiesi Foundation supports a research project in the field of neurosciences:

Dissemination of scientific knowledge

Chiesi Foundation is commited in promoting not only the generation of scientific evidence, but also the dissemination of knowlede among the scientific community, the public and the institutions.

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