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04 February 2019

The GASP Project in Peru

In a country where respiratory diseases represent one of the main causes of general mortality, the Chiesi Foundation decides to share its knowledge and expertise in order to alleviate the suffering of patients affected by respiratory diseases.

In 2019, the Chiesi Foundation reached one of its objective regarding the GASP - Global Access to Spirometry Project, which was implemented in Guyana in 2014, It has been now transferred to another Latin America country: Peru.

The GASP project in Guyana led to the creation of the first spirometry laboratory for the screening of chronic respiratory diseases. The project focused on the development of specific clinical skills for the diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), through the introduction of spirometry capacity and training activities. 

In Peru, in the city of Cusco, a new pneumology center will be implemented. The scale-up of the GASP project in Peru will be coordinated by Professor Levy of the British Columbia University, in collaboration with the British Lang Association.

With the objective of guarantee the long-term sustainability of the GASP project, the training session of Peruvian sanitary staff will be managed by the same doctors who has been trained by the GASP project in Guyana. A crucial step that established a process of accountability, empowerment and transferability of the model of intervention. 

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The GASP Project in Peru
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