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21 May 2013

Breathing Himalaya - Learn to breath

Following the success of the last appointments, the event which raises awareness about the importance of proper prevention of chronic respiratory diseases, such as COPD, continues its tour.

On the 22th to the 24th May, 2013, the event will be hosted in Parma by Chiesi Foundation Onlus, which sponsors the initiative.

The initiative is organised within the project "Breathing Himalaya - Learn to breath" which focuses on the importance of preventing the diseasea, improving the results of available therapies  and limiting the impact of indoor and outdoor pollution.

The reserach, developed by Professor Cogo and her collaborators, looked at the Himalayan experience, with the aim of actively facing and preventing  a disease whose incidence is constantly growing.

The photo exhibition, addressed to public, students and families, aims at increasing the knowledge of the Himalayan people.

Breathing Himalaya - Learn to breath
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