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04 December 2018

Chiesi Foundation at the conference “Neonatal care in developing countries”

On Friday, November 30, Chiesi Foundation attended the conference “Neonatal care in developing countries” organized by the Hospital Fondazione Poliambulanza in Brescia.

The data - the 75% of neonatal mortality that occur in low-income countries and that could be avoidable - framed the program of the meeting. The conference aimed to develop feasible practices, as Doctor Paolo Villani argued: “we are here to make smart and not emotional attempts in order to improve neonatal care in countries with limited resources”. Doctor Paolo Villani is a neonatologist, the coordinator of the conference who follows the NEST - Neonatal Essential Technology – project at the Saint Camille Hospital in Ouagadougou (HOSCO), the capitol of Burkina Faso.

Doctors, nurses, students and organizatios - all engaged in the field of neonatal care - attended the conference. An event that allow dialogua and debate regarding ecperience and projects, challenges and possible paths that can be followed in order to reduce neonatal mortality and achive the 3.2 SDG objective - to end preventable deaths of newborns and children under 5 years of age. 

The main topic of the conference regarded the necessity of a common strategy to reduce neonatal mortality. The strategy should be developed at different level: training session and protocols, basic technologies and adequate maintenance for a certain quality of care and local network that allows communication and transportation. This strategy has to engage with institutions and stakeholders in order to elaborate national policies to reduce neonatal mortality. At the same time, it is crucial to promote a feeling of sharing responsibility in order to have dedicated health care professionals. 

Maria Paola Chiesi, coordinator of Chiesi Foundation, spoke during the session ”How to formulate meaningful project: experience on the ground” sharing the experience of Chiesi Foundation regarding the NEST project, underlining the strategy ant methodology – the Theory of Change (TOC) – at the basis of this intervention project.

Furthermore, Father Dr. Paul Ouedraogo - Medical Director of HOSCO and local champion of the NEST project in Burkina Faso - emphasized during the conference how NEST project is “accompanying without replacing our responsibilities”. Moreover, he presented the data collected in the new neonatology department inaugurated in 2017 with the contribution of Chiesi Foundation. Because 2018 represents the first year of full work of the new unit, it is too soon to comment the data on neonatal mortality. Nevertheless, some important results regarding the improvement of neonatal care quality have been already identified. For example in the Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) area - where premature neonates under 2kg are hospitalized and mother and families can engage in neonatal care – the mortality rate is 0%.

A conference full of content that allows a further debate on collateral topics regarding neonatal care: the quality of survival neonates’ life, vaccines, prevention and education as essential tool for the empowerment of women and girl who become mothers.

Chiesi Foundation at the conference “Neonatal care in developing countries”
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