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21 May 2019

EXCO 2019

Chiesi Foundation is back from EXCO 2019, the first global expo dedicated to international cooperation that took place in Rome on May 15-16-17.

EXCO2019 is the first and only global expo dedicated to the innovative solutions provided by the different actors of development cooperation: national and international agencies, governments, financial institutions, civil society and the private sector.

EXCO is an expression of the change and evolution within the international development cooperation field due to the new law 125/2014. In 2014, international development cooperation become a core part of Italian foreign policy, aiming at eradicating poverty, reducing inequalities; promoting human rights and human dignity, including gender equality and avoiding conflicts to support peace processes. To reach those objectives the borders of international cooperation have been extended to new subjects: governmental institutions, universities, local and regional public entities; NGOs and for the first time includes private enterprises among the main actors. An Italian strategy that mires to enhance resources to realize projects in low- and middle-income countries.

Exco was an opportunity to experience and stress this new multi-stakeholder partnership, where private sector and investments play a crucial role in the field of international development cooperation.

As the new director of the National Council for Development Cooperation, Mr Luca Maestripieri said “For the whole Italian development cooperation system the relationship with the private sector and companies is essential. With such an ambitious Agenda 2030 and with the financial resources the need to be allocated to reach the Sustainable Development Goals, the public sector tools are not enough, we need joined action together with the private sector. For this reason, we need attractive policies to have on board private investments that chase the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Chiesi Foundation come back from EXCO feeling part of what the vice Minister of Foreign Affair and International Cooperation Mrs Emanuela Del Re defined as “the big family of international cooperation”. A family that works in the different corners of the world driven by the willingness to reach the Sustainable Development Goals by Leaving No One Behind.

As a Foundation, we valorized the role of the private sector within the development cooperation field. We are an example of this important synergy, Chiesi Foundation pursues is mission thanks to the tools and skills that Chiesi Farmaceutici decided to share beyond the border of the company.

EXCO 2019
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