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19 April 2019


The Chiesi Foundation wants to wish a Happy Easter to all of you by sharing the story of little Woha, the first newborn ventilated with a noninvasive system in Burkina Faso, at the Saint Camille Hospital (HOSCO) in Ouagadougou. A unique story filled with hope for HOSCO, for the doctors who took care of him and for all the newborns that like Woha are born in places where the right to health and to quality of care is not guaranteed.

"His home is far away from the capital city. It was not easy for his mother to reach the health facility due to inadequate roads and transportation that constitutes barriers for a safe birth. When he was born he was not crying, the mother heat and the ventilation were not enough for let him breathe..."

At this point Woha’s story could have ended like many of other newborns’ story who in low- and middle-income countries still cannot survive. However, Woha has been recently at the hospital, ha has done the follow-up, he is fine and now he can come back home. Woha is the first newborn ventilated in CPAP - Continous Positive Air Pressure - in Burkina Faso, at the Saint Camille Hospital in Ouagadougou. The introduction of the first CPAP at Hosco is working well.

The Chiesi Foundation is often thinking about Woha and all the newborns who thanks to the support of the NEST – Neonatal essential Survival technologies – project are receiving or received quality neonatal care.

The importance of this moment has been stressed by Doctor Paolo Villani - who has been following the HOSCO neonatal unit since more than 15 years and introduced the first CPAP - in the interview published by “The months of the Foundation” where he defined this moment as an important chapter in a country, within a continent, where neonatal mortality rate is too high.

The introduction of cpap represents a new dimension: at the beginning it was essential care, and now we are moving towards comprehensive care due to the implementation of semi-intensive therapy”

With the introduction of the CPAP – a non-invasive respiratory therapy – one of the main objectives of the NEST project in Burkina Faso has been reached. An objective achieved thanks to many people: the director of the Hospital, Padre Paul, who opened the doors of the neonatal ward to the NEST project and trusted the model of intervention; all the neonatologists of the NEST volunteer team who shared their experiences and their time implementing the project and all the people who support the projects and activities of the Chiesi Foundation.

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