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04 December 2019

Inauguration of the KMC area in Burundi

Although we have only followed the inauguration of the new Kangaroo Mother Care area of the Autonomous Hospital of Ngozi - Burundi - from far away, thanks to the pictures, to the tales told and to the continuous updates, the distance seems to have been shortened and it somehow feels as if we were there for this important moment. We strongly believe in the benefit of the Kangaroo Mother Care therapy and decided to carry out this project along with the support of those who participated in the fundraising event - Mums and kangaroos dinner in 2017.

The inauguration took place on November 29th, in line with the occasion of National Breastfeeding Day, supported by the President of the Republic. This was a ceremony that was attended by the Burundian's First Lady who was very interested in the KMC, an efficient neonatal care therapy but unfortunately not widespread enough throughout the country. In this regard, the ministry of health, who also attended the ceremony, proposed to the KMC center of Ngozi to become the point of reference for spreading the KMC method on a national level. This day that marks the beginning of a new path for the Country. We hope that more hospitals will follow the example of Ngozi and dedicate space and personnel to KMC.

This was a very special day also for the NEST - Neonatal Essential Survival Technologies - project and the path that we have undertaken together with Amahoro Prof Africa Association and the staff of the neonatal unit of Ngozi since 2014. At that time, mothers did not have any space dedicated to take care of their premature babies, nor receive the proper care needed for themselves to overcome such a delicate and fragile moment. We like to think about the KMC area as a "broader space" where mothers and premature babies can not only undertake the therapy but also feel welcome in a place where they can find hospitality and care.

Inauguration of the KMC area in Burundi
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