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15 May 2019

International Kangaroo Mother Care Awareness Day

KMC is a “simple”, safe and efficient therapy to save the life of premature babies, especially low-birth-weight (LBW) infants who are at increased risk of early growth retardation, infectious disease, developmental delay and death during infancy and childhood.

The KMC is a method of care consisting of continuous skin-to-skin contact, with the baby placed facing bare chest of the mother or of the father or a close family member. The KMC ensures thermal protection, contributes to the reduction of infections and hypoglycemia, favors frequent and exclusive breastfeeding, early discharge from hospital and improves the outcomes in LBW.

For the Chiesi Foundation KMC is an integral part of the NEST – Neonatal Essential Survival technologies- Project. It is a lifesaving intervention implemented in all the neonatal units supported by the Foundation. We are convinced that to guarantee access to quality of neonatal care and reduce neonatal mortality, the engagement of mothers and families in the care of the sick neonates is crucial!

In order to that, dedicated spaces are required for the mothers and their babies. Places where mothers can take care of her sons and live the difficulties of the daily life together with skilled nurses and health workers.

The KMC is a “simple” method that requires many attentions, attentions that in some setting are missing. There, it is where the Chiesi Foundation works. There, it is where the NEST project tries to overcome those deficiencies through training courses and reorganization of neonatal unit to guarantee a dedicated space to KMC, a place where mothers can take care of their babies.

International Kangaroo Mother Care Awareness Day
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