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03 May 2021

Maria Paola Chiesi

On May 1 Maria Paola Chiesi was appointed President of the Chiesi Foundation, our Corporate Foundation dedicated to research and international cooperation projects in the field of global health.

Maria Paola Chiesi, former Coordinator of the Foundation since 2010, succeeds to Dr Paolo Chiesi, Vice President of the Chiesi Group and President of the Foundation since its creation.

“I would like to thank the Chiesi Foundation Board of Directors for this appointment, which I am proud to accept with humility and gratitude, and which I will hold with the same dedication that has characterised the work of Dr Paolo Chiesi over the past few years. I care very much about the Foundation, its commitment beyond company boundaries” said Maria Paola Chiesi. “I immediately believed in the value of strategic philanthropy, in combining economic resources and know-how in order to have a wider social impact as well as an active role in helping to solve the complexities that characterize our society”.

Since its creation, in 2005, the Chiesi Foundation has undergone important developments. Born as a grant-making Foundation, under the leadership of Maria Paola Chiesi has taken a more active role in the field of global heath. Nowadays, the Chiesi Foundation is working in the sector of international health cooperation, through the implementation of projects that promote the right to health of the populations most in need: the NEST (Neonatal Essential Survival Technology) model, which aims to reduce neonatal mortality rates by improving the quality of care, and the GASP project (Global Access to Spirometry Project) which focuses on the development of specific clinical skills for the diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) through the use of spirometry.

Maria Paola Chiesi can count on the support of Massimo Salvadori who joined the Chiesi Foundation as Coordinator last February.

We take this opportunity to thank dottor Paolo Chiesi for his commitment and vision, that has guided the Foundation over the years.


Maria Paola Chiesi
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