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The Chiesi Foundation supports biomedical research projects of particular scientific and social relevance, in the fields of pulmonology and neonatology. The goal is better understanding the patients’ needs and improvement of their management, through the study of physio-pathological mechanisms and the analysis of socio-economic factors affecting the diseases.



In pulmonology, Chiesi Foundation supports projects with the aim to enlarge the knowledge of the medical community and healthcare providers on the interaction between environmental and socio-economic factors and the whole respiratory tract, including the small airways and foster the communication of scientific messages, also leveraging on digital tools (e.g. web-based platforms, new apps, etc.), to the medical community and the general population.

Projects currently supported:

  • "Validation of Particle in Exhaled Air (Pex) as a Novel Matrix for Non Invasive Detection of Small Airways Disease in Asthma" - Salman Siddiqui, University of Leicester UK (3rd  year)
  • "A new smartphone application to improve control  and treatment compliance in preschool asthma: a clinical randomized controlled study" –  Renato Cutrera, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambin Gesù Rome Italy (2nd year)
  • "Individual exposure to air pollution during pregnancy and in the first years of infant's life and respiratory health up to school age. The Piccolipiú birth cohort" - Franca Rusconi, Ospedale Meyer Firenze Italy (2nd)
  • "Development of a biomarkers platform for COPD, Asthma and ACO diagnosis" - Cunha Thulio Marquez, University of Uberlandia Brasil (1st year)



In neonatology, Chiesi Foundation supports projects with the aim to improve the knowledge of factors affecting neonatal disease progression and to identify strategies to prevent or minimise long-term consequences, thus ensuring better quality of life for these babies and their families.

Projects currently supported:

  •  "Improving prediction of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia by Exhaled Breath Analysis in Preterm Infants" - Wes Onland, Emma Children's Hospital/ Academic Medical Center Amsterdam The Netherlands (3rd year)
  • "Functional UltraSound Brain Imaging (fUSBI): an innovative biomarker to monitor brain function in high risk neonates" – Oliver Baud, Association Robert Duprè Paris France (2nd year)
  • "Worldwide distribution of a free newborn resuscitation training App with a novel heart rate timer tool to help improve birth outcomes" – Caroline Henry, University of Nottingham UK (2nd year)
  • "Online cereblal pressure autoregulation continuous monitoring as neurobiomarker to guide assessment and intervention to prevent or minimise brain injury in the high risk preterm infants" - Adelina Pellicer, Foundation for Biomedical Research of La Paz University Hospital Spain (2nd year)
  • "Cardboard Cot for Prevention of Hypothermia in Babies” (C-Cot Study) - Albert Manasyan, Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (1st year) 


Dissemination of knowledge

Chiesi Foundation also fosters the dissemination of the scientific knowledge and the education of healthcare providers, the public, the institutions, the patients and their caregivers.

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