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11 October 2019

The Chiesi Foundation at the We Act Day

On September 25th, we were at the We Act Day (WAD), a special day to celebrate the projects and activities carried on by our Founder in order to reach the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We are a small contributor of the many organizations that work to accomplish the health-related SDG. A day that has seen above all the commitment of each of us to contribute to the SDGs. A very challenging but ultimately necessary path.

Our commitment in the field of global health began by the willingness to enhance company knowledge in order to promote health and alleviate the suffering of patients affected by respiratory and neonatal diseases. We carry our mission with us, implementing our projects in the places where access to a quality cure is not guaranteed and the mortality rates remain too high.
The WAD was an opportunity to gain a closer look at the Foundation, its story and the complexity of the settings where it implements its projects.
We were excited to be able to share this day with Birthlink, a partner of the Chiesi Foundation working in the development of the training within the Nest- Neonatal Essential Survival Technologies - Model. 

To gain a deeper understanding of the NEST model and to share the methods of intervention implemented by the Foundation in African Hospitals where we operate, we proposed a challenge to our colleagues: The Kangaroo Mother/Father Care Challenge, 24hours of KMC. 
It is a challenge to become accountable for and take care of the smallest and most fragile babies, it is a challenge to understand that an alternative exists that there are life-saving methods that don’t only allow survival but allow also to grow and thrive.

Do you know KMC?
KMC is a “simple”, safe and efficient therapy to save the life of premature babies, especially low-birth-weight (LBW) infants who are at increased risk of early growth retardation, infectious disease, developmental delay and death during infancy and childhood. The KMC is a method of care consisting of continuous skin-to-skin contact, with the baby placed facing bare chest of the mother or of the father or a close family member. The KMC ensures thermal protection, contributes to the reduction of infections and hypoglycemia, favors frequent and exclusive breastfeeding, early discharge from hospital and improves the outcomes in LBW.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand, who had the drive to get to know our projects and those who decided to take on the KMC challenge. We hope you found this day interesting and encouraging for future change within your everyday life.
The LGH Careplus KMC wrap and the sown doll will be carried with us in our next missions.
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The Chiesi Foundation at the We Act Day
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