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19 June 2019

The Chiesi Foundation back to Lacor Hospital - Uganda

The Chiesi Foundation is back from the St Mary’s Lacor Hospital, Uganda.

Once again, we have been warmly welcome to the Lacor Hospital, the biggest non-for-profit hospital of Equatorial Africa. It was founded 60 years ago by Lucille Teasdale and Piero Corti with the aim of building a universally accessible hospital, a place where the essential right of health and access to quality care is guaranteed.

The Chiesi Foundation was back to the Lacor Hospital to follow-up the previous explorative missions that took place in 2018 to activate a new collaboration for improving neonatal care in the framework of the NEST - Neonata Essential Survival - project.

During the mission, many training sessions have been carried on by the Chiesi Foundation team. A full day was dedicated to newborn resuscitation, within the framework of the HBB - Helping Babies Breathe - model.  HBB is an essential training for all the healthcare workers that have to manage respiratory complication after birth.

In the following days, the Chiesi Foundation together with Birthlink UK implemented training session on essential newborn care, thermoregulation and kangaroo Mother Care with a specific target on nurses, one of the leading figure in delivery care in low- and middle-income countries.

Those training sessions have been carried on with the support of the local staff. The resuscitation session was conducted together with the Director of  Pediatrics. Furthermore, all the sessions were attended by the tutors of the local nursing school that strongly support the Chiesi Foundation team, especially on the discussion of implementing new protocols and guidelines.

The Chiesi Foundation together with the Directors of the Lacor Hospital had the chance to discuss the new space dedicated to neonatal care. The NEST model stresses the importance of having proper space and dedicate staff in order to guarantee the principle of continuum of care for babies and mothers.

After an intense week of activities and relations, we are now back to our office thinking about all the great people who worked with us at the Lacor Hospital and being confident on the possibility of improving the quality of neonatal care together. 

The Chiesi Foundation back to Lacor Hospital - Uganda
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