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04 March 2020

The Chiesi Foundation: back to Ngozi, Burundi

The Chiesi Foundation's year began in the heart of Africa, in the lush green land of Burundi. Having landed in the capital, welcomed by the heat of Bujumbura, we began our journey north towards the city of Ngozi, where we have collaborated with Amahoro Pro Africa for around 6 years bringing the NEST - Neonatal Essential Survival Technologies - Project to the area.
Our path towards bettering the quality of care of neonates born in the Hospital of Ngozi over the years has seen the realisation of many important objectives. Together with the direction of the hospital and the ground work carried out by Amahoro Pro Africa, a new neonatal care unit was opened in 2018, and in November 2019 the KMC - Kangaroo Mother Care - area was added.
These are small steps in the grand scheme of things, but huge steps in context on a considerably long and winding path, rich with new challenges and objectives for the implementation of the NEST project. Despite the long road ahead, visiting these places and seeing the spaces in which the mothers and the neonates receive the care to which they have a right, and seeing the mothers taking care of their babies alongside the doctors and nurses of the NICU, somehow makes us very proud. Pride that does not comes from a place of selfishness, but from a place of trust. We trust that the work carried out in the Hospital of Ngozi can become an example of best practise for all countries; that the neonates and the mothers in their care are put at the centre and that the neonatal mortality rate can and will decrease.
With this feeling we get back on the road towards the capital, we go back to our offices, and just as we are adjusting back to 'normal life', we realize that despite the complexities of and challenges face in the places in which we operate, it is right and just that we must carry out our mission there.

The Chiesi Foundation: back to Ngozi, Burundi
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