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24 March 2020

The month of the Fountation: outbreak edition

In light of the historic moment in which we are living, the Chiesi Foundation’s press review cannot start without acknowledging the emergency we are currently experiencing firsthand. Given the complexities of this moment, the Chiesi Foundation wants to express its closeness and gratitude to all those who are on the front line of trying to contain the emergency and to those who are doing everything they can to allow us to soon return to normal life.
Before the press review, we would like to leave you with a reflection very dear to us, sharing a part an of article recently published in a national newspaper:
It took just a small virus to dissolve our certainties as the sun does with the snow. The Others are now Us. It is Us the migrants that no one wants, it is Us the ones who are rejected at the borders, moved aside at the airports, refused in the resorts. It is something new, but somehow also ancient. The same happened to our great-grandparents and grandparents before us, who arrived, powered by desperation and hope, at Ellis Islands between the end of 1800s and the beginning of 1900s. The planet seems to remind us that every point is equidistant from an imaginary centre of reference. These frantic days will pass. They will leave us with bereavement and loss. And they will teach us, with the unforgettable words of Camillieri: that 'them', for them, is Us

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The month of the Fountation: outbreak edition
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