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05 August 2019

What's happened in these months?

From the tropical forest of Uganda, to the highest peaks of Cusco, the team of the Chiesi Foundation is carrying on is mission.

In these months the Chiesi Foundation was back to Uganda to follow-up the explorative phase started in 2018 to the Lacor Hospital aiming at improving neonatal care through the implementation of the NEST Neonatal Essential Survival Technologies -project.

In Peru, at the Santa Rita polyclinic, the new spirometry service supported by the GASP – Global Access to Spirometry Project is currently working. Thanks to the training session carried on in Guyana, the Peruvian team was able to learn directly from the first beneficiaries of the Gasp project, the one that five years ago started the same path for managing chronic respiratory disease.

Within the scientific research project, the Chiesi Foundation is happy to announce the winning projects of the Call for Proposal 2018.

As summer holiday and summer reading are approaching, we would like to share with you the new numbers of the Chiesi Foundation’s Journal: The Months of the Foundation, to keep you up-to date with facts and events of the context where the Chiesi Foundation operates.

The Chiesi Foundation will be back in September

Happy holiday!

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What's happened in these months?
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