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15 November 2021

World Prematurity Day

Every year about 15 million babies are born prematurely. A baby born prematurely is a baby that has left the mother's body before its due time. Before the 37th week of gestation. On average, one in every 10 babies born worldwide is born prematurely. Prematurity is the leading cause of death globally in children under the age of five.

Every year on 17 November we celebrate World Prematurity Day - a global occasion to raise awareness and attention.

Although preterm birth is a global problem, 60% of preterm births occur in Africa and South Asia. However, there is a dramatic difference in the probability of survival of preterm babies depending on where they are born. In fact, more than 90% of extremely preterm babies born in low- and middle-income countries die within the first few days of life, while less than 10% of extremely preterm babies die in high-income settings. This is why World Prematurity Day is a crucial time to reflect and commit to action to help address these inequalities and ensure access to care for all children born prematurely, guaranteeing them a normal future and life.

This year, a special attention is paid to "ZERO SEPARATION" between mother and newborn baby, because physical and emotional contact between these two figures is an integral and fundamental part of the care of a mother and newborn baby born too early. The Chiesi Foundation also promotes "Zero separation" between mother and newborn baby in the hospitals where the NEST - Neonatal Essential Survival Technologies - project is implemented. We are committed to ensuring that in every corner of the world, especially in some African countries, every baby born prematurely is taken care of together with his mom.

World Prematurity Day is coloured in purple, a symbol of sensitivity and exceptionality. As exceptional as every child born prematurely.

This week the Chiesi Foundation is also wearing purple to support World Prematurity Day and promote a message of hope for all families born prematurely.




World Prematurity Day
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