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We adhere to the HONcode standard for the reliability of medical information We adhere to the HONcode standard for the reliability of medical information.

Honcode principles

Principle 1

Any medical information provided and hosted by the site will be written only by medical experts and qualified professionals, unless an explicit statement does not specify that some information comes from non-medical persons or organizations.

Principle 2

The information disseminated by the site cannot be considered as a substitute professional opinion for medical intervention.
The site aims to promote scientific research and disseminate biomedical knowledge, support young researchers, develop knowledge transfer projects to developing countries as well as projects of solidarity with associations of patients suffering from rare diseases.
The site is aimed at a wide audience: patients, family members, medical-scientific staff and all those who are interested in receiving information on the pathologies being studied and on the initiatives promoted by the Chiesi Foundation.

Principle 3

Personal information regarding patients and site visitors, including identity, is confidential. The site manager undertakes on his honor to respect the legal conditions of confidentiality of medical information in compliance with the laws of the country where the server and the mirrors-sites are located.

Principle 4

The origin of the information disseminated must be accompanied by explicit references and, if possible, by links to these data. The date of the last update must appear clearly on the page (for example at the bottom of each page).

Principle 5

The website does not contain statements relating to specific medical treatments, commercial products or other services.

Principle 6

The creators of the site will endeavor to provide information as clearly as possible and will provide an address at which users can request further details or support; this e-mail address is clearly visible on the pages of the site.

Principle 7

The creation of the site is entirely financed by the Foundation; the site is not financed through banners or advertising spaces of public or private companies.

Principle 8

The site does not accept advertisements from external public or private companies; the advertising spaces / banners present relate to initiatives, activities or projects promoted directly by the Foundation or by its partners.