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by Nicolò Grasselli


What is prematurity?

Which is the role of the mother and the family?

Which is Chiesi Foundation’s role in taking care of premature babies ??

These are just some of the many questions answered by our speakers.

At the global level, World Prematurity Day is a special occasion to raise awareness of the challenges and burdens of preterm birth.

As Chiesi Foundation we want to contribute by sharing our collaborator’s experiences in improving quality Neonatal care in low-middle-income countries: Massimo Salvadori the Chiesi foundation Coordinator, Merran Thomson Chiesi Foundation Technical Advisor, Neonatologist and Sandrine Mukeshimana the head Of Neonatology ad Ngozi Hospital where Chiesi Foundation works since 2014, Dogo Anita Pediatric specialist at Hôpital Saint-Jean de Dieu in Tanguietà .

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