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Benin is an African country, located in the Gulf of Guinea, on the Atlantic Ocean, bordering with Niger, Burkina Faso, Togo and Nigeria.

Tanguietà is the Northernmost city of Benin, about 600 km far from the capital Cotonou. In this area, the leading causes of hospitalization are malaria, acute respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections and HIV/AIDS. The area has been indicated by the Government as one of the most in need of humanitarian assistance, when the Fatebenfratelli Congregation decided to build the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital.

Since 2011, Chiesi Foundation Onlus has been collaborating with the Fatebenefratelli Congregation which runs the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital in Tanguietá.

The collaboration has fundamentally two scopes: on one side, through scholarships, we aim to increase the retention rate of key medical staff. On the other side, we provide adequate equipment for the neonatal unit in order to complete the unit set-up.

For the period 2011–2013, Chiesi Foundation Onlus sustained the costs for the building and outfitting of the new neonatology ward. The project actions included:

  • Extending the area for neonatal care and providing basic equipment and materials
  • Supporting the construction of an operating room for emergency C-section deliveries
  • Supporting the strategy of the hospital aiming at the retention of talented professionals

The new neonatology ward has been officially opened in 2012.

In 2013, the Foundation helped the hospital to cover part of the neonatology ward's running costs, thanks to the funds raised during the charity dinner “the Tanguietá cradles". The participants contributed to raise 22,000 euro.

A current issue remains the lack of skilled healthcare providers, willing to work permanently at the Saint Jean de Dieu Hospital. To face this issue, Chiesi Foundation is helping the hospital in developing physicians retention strategies. To support the stable presence of local specialized healthcare providers, the Chiesi Foundation offered a 3-year study grant in paediatric surgery to a talented doctor.

Moreover, in 2014, the Foundation contributed to the completion of the Hospitality Centre, built for those patients who live far away from the hospital and who still need care or rehabilitation after discharge. 

In 2020 Chiesi Foundation started a new collaboration with the Abbraccio Hospital of Sokpontà (Abbraccio Hôpital des Enfants), a pediatric hospital located in a rural area in the department of Les Collines.

Dedicated entirely to children, the Abbraccio Hospital guarantees a diversified and specialized care offer, accessible to all, in the sectors of pediatrics, pediatric surgery, neonatology and maternity. Opened in 2010, over the years it has assumed a relevant importance for the excellence of the quality of care.

The Chiesi Foundation supported the construction and reorganization of the new neonatology unit, which opened on May 29, 2021.

The inauguration of the unit represents a first fundamental step for the implementation of the NEST model within the new neonatology of Sokpontà.

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