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Burundi is a small landlocked country in the African Great Lakes region, bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and south and Democratic Republic of Congo to the west.

Ngozi is the third largest city of Burundi after Bujumbura, the capital city, and Gitega and it is located in the northern part of the country. The Province of Ngozi  is one of the 17 provinces of Burundi, where, according to the official data, around 690,000 people live. About 126,000 people leave in the city of Ngozi. The healthcare system is weak, with limited access to care. Only 60% of the deliveries occurs in healthcare facilities or are assisted by a birth skilled attendant.

The Autonomous Hospital of Ngozi (HAN) is a public hospital, a point of reference for the area of Ngozi.

Since 2014, Chiesi Foundation collaborates with Pro Africa Foundation of Cardinal Tonini, which is present in Burundi since 2000 working with HAN and the University of Ngozi. The University of Verona is also involved in the project, with doctors and techniciancs in charge of training local students.

To face the increasing number of hospitalized patients, in particular mothers and children, in 2012 Pro Africa Foundation started the reorganization of the maternal-infant assistance at the Hospital of Ngozi. The first phase of the project involved the construction of the Maternal and Child Center, completed in 2013, with the new maternity and paediatric wards, the division of neonatology and emergency services for mothers and children.

Within the Maternal and Child Center, the Chiesi Foundation participates economically and technically in the reorganization of the neonatal care service, the start-up and the equipment of the new neonatal unit and the training of the local staff.

The new Neonatology has been inaugurated in June 2018 and it is currently fully operational.

Moreover, in the coming years, Chiesi Foundation will support the setting up of a new unit devoted to the care of mother and babies and the promotion of kangaroo mother care, or skin-to-skin method.

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