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14 April 2022

A rehabilitation service for post COVID-19 patients in the city of Cusco

Among the many lessons learned from the health emergency experienced in the past years, we find the ability to adapt and respond to new needs.

Capacity that the Chiesi Foundation experienced also in Peru, at the Santa Rita Polyclinic, where since 2019 we are implementing the GASP - Global Access to Spirometry Project. The project in the respiratory field that aims to improve the management of chronic diseases such as ASMA and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

In March 2020, with the first cases of COVID-19 registered in Peru, the country declared the state of emergency. The national health system, along with the rest of the world, started to address a major challenge with very high mortality and hospitalization rates. A challenge that does not end with the cure, the absence of the disease. In fact, numerous studies have shown that the return to daily life of many COVID-19 patients presents some criticalities not only in terms of reduced respiratory capacity, but also dyspnea and fatigue. It has also been observed that hospitalization contributes to the post-ICU (Intensive Care Unit) syndrome characterized by loss of muscle strength, depression, anxiety, cognitive changes, impaired memory and reasoning ability.

Considering the evidence regarding the impact of COVID-19, the Santa Rita Polyclinic has decided to structure a rehabilitation service. A service that aims to improve the lives of patients and lead them to a full recovery, taking care at 360° of all fragilities that the disease has caused. The need to organize a rehabilitation program is also given by the lack, in the city of Cusco, of such a service for the population.

Due to the emergency, Chiesi Foundation has decided to support the opening of the service by financing the set-up, the training of healthcare professionals and the awareness campaigns. The service is run by an interdisciplinary team made up of the following healthcare professionals: pulmonologist, cardiologist, physiotherapist, psychologist and nutritionist. Since the inauguration of the service there has been a significant influx with about 590 medical services performed.

A rehabilitation service for post COVID-19 patients in the city of Cusco
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